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Welcome to PERFEXCOM

PERFEXCOM has started in year 2008, and fully registered as Commercial Business with Cambodia Government in early 2009. We are a Social Enterprise Business work to create sustainable jobs for people on Globe, to be core of economic sustainable supporter with transparency, justice, integrity, and equality environment in our Community.

We are providing the Premise [Dormitory], Work with our community /Our Business Subsidiary [ CM , PT , CMTC , PDSC , PCS ] for earning the money to support the daily living, and Loans/and Scholarship for their study. We provides full-service and product solutions for Banking, Mobile Operators, and education starting from Cambodia Market to Global Market.

What are/will we [be] doing?
Starting from Our [Training Center] where covering the aspect of starting-up on Job Train of Advanced Education, and as well, this training has its own sustainability way. With this Training Center [Computer Magazine Training Center] which is focusing on IT Skill Training, will provide the basic course to student from remote area. This course will be hosting 20 student for 3 months(from Jan 2009 ┬ĘC Mar 2009) from remote area (Provincial) to join the class, to be familiar with Computer Data Entry Clerk.  ...
Our Partners
Australia Business Volunteers
TCE Co., Ltd
Feature Products
best choice for IT Tips, number one of IT Magazine in Cambodia. Computer magazine is the leading IT magazine ....
OTA Platform a solution for managing the Mobile Device, Mobile Operator Product. The OTA Platform that to be finalized within a middle of year 2009 ...
Our Services
  • Advertising with Computer Magazine
  • Consultancy Service provided by Perfex Technology
  • Data Entry/Scanning Service provided by PDSC
News and Events
[ 17th Mar 2010 ] A Deeper Understanding for Students PERFEXCOM and AMK signed off on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the purpose of assisting students from remote areas to access the university education the agreement was signed on 17th Mar 2010,.... More Details
[ Early Nov 2009 ] CM TRAINING CENTER ( will start recruiting student from remote area who finish high school in year 2010 to join... More Details
[ Early year 2010 ] CM Training Center will be a first of providing IT Management Course in Cambodia...  More Details
Who Our Team?

PERFEXCOM is found and built from 4 people who used to face the situation as stated in the business model.

We are very strong in Information Technology where we have been through in our work experiences, but having strong commitment for joining with other to develop the Country through our mission.

We have more than 7 years of working in Telecom, 5 in Bank and 3 year in Microfinance, and 10 years in Software Development, and Network Engineering.

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